It is our job as parents to keep our children safe. This is why I am sharing these 2 Videos Every Parent Must Watch In Case Child Chokes Or Needs CPR.

2 Videos Every Parent Must Watch In Case Child Chokes Or Needs CPR

If you read my story, you will find out I have a 6 year old son who was born with a birth defect in his esophagus.  I’ve had to witness several chocking episodes. To this day, the thought that my child could choke really frightens me.

This is why I wanted to share with all of you these 2 Videos Every Parent Must Watch In Case Child Chokes Or Needs CPR. I know how it feels to see your child chocking. I know how scary and nerve-racking it is for a parent to see their own child struggling in these situations.

Thankfully, my son is now doing great, but we need to watch him closely when he eats.  He hasn’t had a chocking episode in a long time, but we need to be careful. Always. For the rest of his life. His esophagus is never going to be 100% “normal”. He will always have limitations.

When my son was very little, he used to choke all the time, even little tiny pieces of foods. Watching those episodes was definitely not easy, but one thing that helped me was to learn how to help him. My husband and I received a CPR class at the hospital after my son had surgery. We also received reminders at our yearly check ups with the specialist.

Even if your child doesn’t have any problems, you need to be careful, specially when they are babies.  Every baby and small child is at risk of chocking.

I have a 23 month old daughter who likes to explore and play with everything! You never know what she might find and put in her mouth. Like for example a little piece of lego, or a coin. Small kids are constantly exploring!

My daughter doesn’t have any problems in her esophagus, so I am way more relaxed when she eats. She has been eating finger foods since she was 9-10 months old!  But I still need to be careful and cut her food small.  Small children can also choke on big pieces of food even when they do not have any medical problems.

If you get distracted for just a couple of seconds, your baby could be in danger.  So, I think it is always a great idea to know how to help them in case they are chocking or need CPR.

2 Videos Every Parent Must Watch In Case Child Chokes Or Needs CPR

This is such an awesome video from St John Ambulance.  An international humanitarian organization with over 500 000 volunteers in over 20 different countries. It has been offering First Aid and CPR training as well as assistance to sick and injured members of the public for over 100 years.

According to their website, of all parents who have witnessed their baby choke, only one in five knew exactly what to do.

Please watch this video that shows the right technique to save a choking child. The video shows typical chocking hazards you find in a home.

St. John Ambulance also shares a great video to show parents how to give CPR to a baby or small child. Remember that CPR for adults is different.

The video does not show any scary images, but instead the video is easy to understand, and fun to watch. The animated clip is part of the organization’s Nursery Rhymes Inc campaign and involves a number of familiar characters.  You will hear a song that you can actually learn to help you remember.

Please share this video with all parents, grandparents and caretakers. I think it is so important. Anybody who can learn what to do in those crucial minutes after a baby has stopped breathing. Knowing what to do in case your baby or small child is chocking or needs CPR could really be saving a little life.

Please share. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy watching these 2 Videos Every Parent Must Watch In Case Child Chokes Or Needs CPR. Parenting can be scary, really scary! Knowing how to help our little ones is really crucial and I think these 2 videos are great tools.

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