This was really a memorable, fun, and exciting 2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation.

2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation

We live in Miami Beach, so it’s very easy for us to go to Orlando. It only takes us 3 hours and 15 minutes by car. So, we decided to take a mini trip. My kids are now 6 and 2, and they really enjoy the theme parks.

One of the biggest perks of being a blogger is getting complimentary media tickets. Thanks to Universal, Disney, and Legoland, we were able to enjoy three awesome theme parks.  Roaller coasters, simulators, toddler games, you name it. We had lots of fun!

If you are planing a trip to Orlando in the near future, I would like to make a few recommendations. I hope my tips help you plan your next trip to Orlando, especially if you have little kids and you are a healthy eater. Don’t get me wrong. Of course going on vacation means eating a lot of unhealthy foods. It is inevitable. But you can also balance it out by making a few changes.

I am not going to bother you with a lot of text, and just go straight to the point. Where we stayed, what we ate, the parks we visited. My recommendations. Simple, easy tips for you next trip to Orlando, Florida.

2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation

Where To Stay

1. We stayed at Cabana Beach Resort.- Super kid friendly with plenty of activities. They have a lazy river, great pools, and a big water slide. At night, when we were coming back from the parks, we really enjoyed the Arcade and bowling alley. This is really a great resort if you have small kids. I highly recommend it.

2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation

Theme Parks To Visit

2. Universal Orlando.- What a great theme park. The rides are amazingly awesome! My 6 year old son had a blast. Many people think of Universal as a park for bigger kids. But let me tell you there was plenty to do for my 2 year old daughter, including the all toddler’s favorite Barney show. If you can upgrade your tickets and get the Express Pass, please get it. It’s so worth it!

3. Legoland.- This park is really perfect for small kids. My 2 year old daughter was able to go on most of the rides. We really enjoyed the park because we are HUGE lego fans. If you plan a visit to Legoland only, you need to stay at the Legoland Resort. The resort is right next to the park and offers plenty of activities for kids.

4. Magic Kingdom.- The most popular theme park in Orlando, Florida. Of course, everybody loves Mickey! Once again, this park is perfect for little kids. Just be aware this is the most popular park and it will almost always be crowded. Get fast passes, lots of healthy snacks and water.

2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation 2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation 2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation

Where to Eat

VIVO Italian Kitchen.- If you go to City Walk in Universal and feel like eating Italian food, then this is a must. The food is fresh, delicious and authentic. They offer a great selection of wines too.

Benihana Japanese Restaurant.- We love this restaurant. I highly recommended it after a full day at the park, when you are very very hungry. My kids really enjoy watching the chef prepare all the food. It’s a lot of fun.

Snacks.- Our family rule is you can have a treat a day, then eat healthy snacks mom brings in a backpack. Cashews, Larabars, bananas, mandarine oranges, and plenty of water. My kids enjoyed their Mickey smoothies, Legoland ice creams, and pretzels with cheese. Taking you own snacks is a great way to balance all the sugar you are going to eat.

2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation 2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation

2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation 2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation 2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation2017 Orlando Theme Parks Summer Vacation

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