Detox baths are so amazing and great for overall health. Find out these 5 Amazing Healthy Reasons Why Your Children Need Detox Baths.

5 Amazing Healthy Reasons Why Your Children Need Detox Baths

I love giving my kids detox baths. The goal is to give them this type of bath once a week to protect them from getting sick and boost their immune systems. The Epsom Salts in detox baths make my children feel better, and help maintain a good amount of magnesium in their bodies.

If you follow my blog you will know I am a huge believer in natural remedies. I believe that a healthy lifestyle will make a great impact in my kids’ future health. This is why I cook at home with healthy ingredients. Nutrition is very important. And so are natural remedies. This is why I am sharing this post. I want to show you the powerful and amazing benefits of detox baths.

Magnesium is a wonderful mineral that is essential in our overall health. But most of us are deficient in this important nutrient. Magnesium is one of the most depleted minerals in our soil so the foods of today have much less than in our grandmother’s day. Epsom Salts help maintain a good level of magnesium, and can help your children’s overall health.

5 Amazing Healthy Reasons Why Your Children Need Detox Baths

1.  Fight Colds Fast.-  At the first signs of a cold, I give my kids a good and relaxing detox bath. This is our best and most effective way to fight a cold or flu. It really works for us. All you need is 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda (*Optional. To help promote elimination of toxins and clean unfiltered water). If you want full details, please see How To Kick Colds Fast With A Detox Bath.

2. Promote Better Sleep.- Detox baths help kids relax and sleep better. Magnesium is such a wonderful mineral that not only strengthens the immune system, but also has calming effects. If you are having problems with your kids sleeping routine, please also see 5 Tips For Helping Children Fall Asleep Faster And Sleep Better.

3. Get Rid Of Toxins.- Detox baths will clean the body and get rid of toxins kids are exposed to every day. This translates into a stronger immune system! If you vaccinate your kids, this is a great way to get all the nasty ingredients used in vaccines that accumulate in the body and will stay there if nothing is done to expel them. If you want more information, please see 5 Easy Ways To Detox From Vaccine Toxins And Heavy Metals.

4. Relieve Irritability and Stress.- Magnesium is really a miracle mineral that regulates the nervous system and may help prevent stress, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and irritability. You know how your child can be moody and irritable after a long day? Detox baths are perfect to calm them down! Magnesium can also be great for anxiety in adults. If you want to learn more, please see How I Decided To Deal With Anxiety Naturally.

5. Improve Focus And Brain Activity.- Detox baths will also help children be more alert and focus more. A proper level of magnesium will regulate brain function. Some experts believe that children with ADHD may have a mild magnesium deficiency. In one preliminary study of 75 magnesium-deficient children with ADHD, those who received magnesium supplements showed an improvement in behavior compared to those who did not receive the supplements (SOURCE).

Magnesium can help your children feel better, sleep better, and even perform better in school. You already know 5 Amazing Healthy Reasons Why Your Children Need Detox Baths. Give it a try. I also recommend a great multivitamin called Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm, that has added magnesium. I also give my kids a natural and raw probiotic blend. What I do is add the supplements in their morning smoothies. And my kids rarely get sick!

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  1. Brittany says:

    Wondeful! Trying this tonight with my littles! Subscribing to your blog too, great site!

  2. Serina says:

    Wonderful site. I am so so SO happy and encouraged to have stumbled upon your website. We had a tick/Lyme scare and have been turning over our healthy lifestyle to super clean and healthy 100%. I will be sure to blast about you when I am through making our homemade gummies tonight. And it’s so funny that you posted this because I give my son detox baths at least once a week. Thank you for the encouragement and I would absolutely love to feature you on my blog if you are ever interested.

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