We know that becoming a mom changes everything, but here are the most popular 7 Side Effects Of Becoming a Mother Nobody Warns You About.

7 Side Effects Of Becoming a Mother that Nobody Warns You About

Becoming a mother changed my life completely. My emotions, my body, my routine. EVERYTHING! And people warned me about certain things. Things like the sleep deprivation, lack of privacy, or drastic change in daily activities.

Friends who were moms already told me how exhausting and frustrating those first years were going to be. They also told me about feeling guilty. Mothers feel guilty all the time! And so I thought I was prepared. The truth is, you will never be 100% prepared for motherhood. There will always be surprises and challenges. Like these 7 Side Effects Of Becoming a Mother that Nobody Warns You About.

I am a proud mother of two wonderful children. I had to learn so many things, and I am still learning every single day. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. And you know what they say: The best things in life are the hardest.

I am sure that you can relate to these common side effects. Most moms have them all! Yes, there are permanent side effects from motherhood. It’s the truth. And we have to probably live with them for the rest of our lives.

7 Side Effects Of Becoming a Mother Nobody Warns You About

1. You will become a crier

I’ve always been very sentimental and a little bit of a crier, but after becoming a mother OMG! I now cry for everything! And even mamas who previous to having children could be steely through even the most heart-wrenching of movies now, post-babies, find themselves a lot more weepy than before.

2. You will stop buying clothes for yourself, but your kids will always have the latest styles. 

This one is just crazy. I used to buy clothes or accessories all the time! And now when I go to the mall or shop online, I rarely buy  something for myself.  Instead, I end up getting lots and lots of new and “super cute” outfits for the kids.

3. You will become a human thermometer

Forget about the thermometer. Mom knows better! When my kids are sick, I no longer need to take out the ear thermometer. I already know just by looking at them! And then I double check touching their forehead. It is so crazy but true!

4. You will hear your baby cry while you take a shower.

Even if you now have moved your shower to a time when you kids are (supposed to be) in bed, you will still manage to hear them calling you, in reality, and in your warped, mom-programmed mind. The upside is that you can even step out of the shower to lovingly tend to them. Your ears, they are fantastic, mamas.

5. You will start worrying about the craziest of things

Stuff that before seemed a real non-concern will suddenly become the stuff of your worst nightmares. Meningitis. Predators. Plane falling from the sky. Global warming. Pesticides. Radiation. You name it, I now worry about everything. And I also spend a lot of time researching.

6. You will misplace and loose stuff like never before

I’ve never been very organized but after becoming a mom, I now literally loose everything! It is just crazy to realize that after becoming a mother, your mind changes completely. You have to think about a million things a day so obviously you won’t remember where you left your phone, your car keys, or your purse.

7. You will now perpetually be late for everything

You might think that you won’t become one of those parents who can’t get their s**t together and be on time for things, but you wait and see. The Murphy’s Law of children dictates that the more in a hurry you are, the slower those little legs will move.

What other things happen to you since becoming a mother? I would love to know! Just comment below and see if there are more side effects!

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