On Jan. 20, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. This Awesome Teacher Writes Inspiring Letter To Students On Inauguration Day, and it is exactly what I want my kids to know.

This posts is not about political parties or difference in opinions. I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I respect the fact that he was elected in a valid and democratic election. You can agree or disagree with his views, but he is the new president of the United States.

To me, it is important to let my kids know what really matters. One of my main goals as a mother is to teach my kids to be nice, generous, and respectful. This letter is so wonderful and sends such a perfect message to all our kids.

This awesome second grade teacher gave their students some reminders we can all appreciate. Author Peter Shankman posted an image from a teacher’s whiteboard with some notes to the students.

Awesome Teacher Writes Inspiring Letter To Students On Inauguration Day

“Today is a very important day, today is Inauguration Day!” the teacher wrote. “This means that starting today, we will have a new president. His name is Donald Trump and he will live at the White House. However, what happens at your house is very important too!! You can make the world a better place by starting at your house.”

The teacher then proceeds to list out some things that the students “can do to make the world a better place,” and it’s something we all need to be reminded of on this emotional day. “Love yourself! Listen to your parents. Be responsible. Be kind. Celebrate the differences in others. Believe in yourself! Be happy. Have fun in school.

AND REMEMBER: Love and kindness RULE!!”

Although these second graders may not truly understand what our country is going through, they’ve witnessed a lot of political division over the last few months, and at such a young age, it’s important that teachers and parents stress the importance of kindness and acceptance.

Many people have responded to this photo with other suggestions for young children, and even we adults can appreciate this. You can see the post HERE. “This is why teachers rule. And truer words were never spoken. Share.” Peter Shankman wrote in his Facebook page.

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