We already know that becoming a mother is a life-changing experience. But did you know that Baby Cells Stay Inside A Mother For Decades After Pregnancy? Yes, research says for up to 38 years!

Baby Cells Stay Inside A Mother For Decades After Pregnancy

I have two kids and becoming a mother completely changed my life. It changed my body (goodbye flat belly). My emotions (I now cry over pretty much everything, even TV commercials). And my freedom (no more sleeping through the night or privacy).

When I became a mom, I also experienced those maternal feelings of overwhelming love, fierce protectiveness, and constant worry. My brain changed as well.

Becoming a mother changes EVERYTHING!

Yes, becoming a mother changes your life forever. But did you know that motherhood also changes us at our most basic cellular level?

Baby Cells Stay Inside A Mother For Decades After Pregnancy

According to a new US study, our babies’ actual cells, as in from we carried them inside, stay in our bodies, even long after the pregnancy itself is over. In fact, the cells can stick around in a mother’s body for up to 38 years after the baby has been born.

Researchers have labeled the phenomenon “fetal microchimerism”,. The name, born from Greek myth, refers to the chimera, a fire-breathing lioness with the head of a goat rising up from her body and the tail of a serpent.

If you think this is both strange and amazing, there is more:

The cells don’t just stay on in our uteruses, they migrate throughout our entire bodies. Those leftover cells from our once-there babies spread out, find new homes, settling in our brains, livers or our lungs, and actually re-map our own cells, giving them back a new life of their own.

This is how, Amy Boddy, a researcher at Arizona State University’s Department of Psychology and lead author of the study, explained what they have discovered:

“Fetal cells can act as stem cells and develop into epithelial cells, specialized heart cells, liver cells and so forth. This shows that they are very dynamic and play a huge role in the maternal body. They can even migrate to the brain and differentiate into neurons. We are all chimeras.”

According to the study, fetal cells begin their migration out of the womb and into mother’s body during pregnancy, when they direct nutrients and life-giving abilities to the baby.

Microchimerism may boost immune surveillance—that is, the body’s ability to recognize and destroy pathogens and cells that might become cancerous—and also play a role in the repair of damaged tissue, helping form new blood vessels to heal wounds. Microchimerism is also associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

To me, this is just AMAZING!

Your babies will stay inside you for many years and make you stronger.  We know that statistically women live longer than men, but we really don’t know why.  Well, I think this may be it!

I found this Baby Cells Stay Inside A Mother For Decades After Pregnancy news originally at HerFamily. If you are interested in reading more about my blog, please take a look at my latest articles. I am a mom blogger who loves to share creative and healthy fun food ideas, family activities, natural remedies, parenting advice, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.


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