Dads Are Not Just Helping, They Are Parenting. A father is someone who not only gives life, but educates with love, and takes full responsibility for his family.

Dads Are Not Just Helping, They Are Parenting

It is so common to hear the phrase “my partner helps me with the kids”, but think about it: Dads Are Not Just Helping, They Are Parenting. And those fathers who are involved will tell you it is the most rewarding experience.

Why is it that we still thing that the responsibility of taking care of kids is only for women? A father who is involved in every single aspect of his children’s life is being rewarded with the most beautiful gift life can give him.

Your partner is not someone that makes your “work” a little bit easier from time to time. He is someone who knows how to be present, who loves, takes care, and takes responsibility for what gives a real meaning to his life: his family.

Fathers who are not involved with their children are missing out big time! 

The father who wakes up at night, changes diapers, and gives baths, is not “helping” the mother, he is experiencing the most wonderful part of his life: he is experiencing his paternity. He is being rewarded with unconditional love and many memorable life experiences.

A father is someone who teaches, who listens to concerns; and even plays when he is tired after a full day at work.  A real dad also cries when their kids are giving him a hard time. Only a father who is involved will understand that being a parent is the most difficult and challenging job in the world.

Did you know that if a man plays a primary role in taking care of his baby, he experiences the same neurological changes that women do when they become mothers?

“A new study, suggests that caring for children awakens a parenting network in the brain—even turning on some of the same circuits in men as it does in women. The research implies that the neural underpinnings of the so-called maternal instinct aren’t unique to women, or activated solely by hormones, but can be developed by anyone who chooses to be a parent.”

This is really amazing and proves that a father can actually have the same level of emotional attachment to their kids as we mothers do.

Dads Are Parenting Not Just Helping with the Kids

Taking care of our children should be a mutual responsibility.  Not one that is imposed but one that comes naturally when we become parents.  Remember that love is all we need to raise our children. If both parents are fully involved, we will teach our kids such a good example. They will grow up without stereotypes or gender labels.

So the answer is: YES!  Fathers also cook, research the best natural remedy, read stories, and give baths at night. They can laugh, cry, obsess, and worry the same way we mother do.

They are not just “helping” or “being supportive”; they are experiencing paternity.

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