You don’t need to have any special skills for this DIY Lego Table. Make the most creative, educational, and family friendly toy that will give you many years of fun. It’s so easy!

DIY Lego Table: The Most Creative Toy For Many Years Of Fun

I really love Legos. My two kids are happily entertained and use their imagination every time they play with them. Legos can also bring the family together because we can also build with our kids. This is why I decided to write this post and show you how easy it is to make your own DIY Lego Table.

Legos are extremely versatile. Buy a set or two, and you will be able to make stacks of different models. Where one day you are making a castle, the next you can make a dinosaur, a boat, a train, or even an entire farm. Then, you just take things apart and start all over again! Isn’t great? Now the best part is you can have your own DIY Lego Table!

Legos encourage creativity, coordination, and promote fine motor skills. Playing with Lego provides an understanding of spatial awareness, promotes a sense of creativity, and teaches mathematical concepts of symmetry, shape and geometry (SOURCE).

The most creative toy you can have at home for many years of fun! Legos are perfect for toddlers, kids, and even adults! This DIY idea will keep everyone entertained and aways from electronics.

DIY Lego Table

What you need:

First, you need a table. If you are looking for an inexpensive table, this is the perfect one ($7.99) from IKEA. The top of the table is 21 5/8 inches square. You can also use any table new or used you already have at home.

DIY Lego Table: The Most Creative Toy For Many Years Of Fun

Then, you need Lego plates to cover the table. They are 10 x 10 inch peel and stick plates. You can find them on Amazon HERE. 4 plates fit perfectly on the IKEA table, leaving a thin (about 3/4″) space around the table.

DIY Lego Table: The Most Creative Toy For Many Years Of Fun

And finally, some Lego bricks of your choice. The classic set is just perfect.

DIY Lego Table


1. Arrange your Lego plates on the table first to find out the correct placement.

2. Once you have the perfect placement, make sure you attach the plates together with Lego bricks before you stick them to the table. You must get the right placement or the pieces won’t be able to overlap from plate to plate. Then, proceed to peel and stick your plates. Make sure you press down the plates so they adhere well.

3. Let it sit for a few minutes and start building!

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