Enjoy this Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew recipe. Fresh ingredients, healthy, and so comforting.

Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew

As many of you already know, I am from Peru. I grew up with lots of wonderful flavors. Like this Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew.  It is called “Seco” which means “Dry”. I really can’t understand why because it is completely the opposite. It is so juicy and saucy.  If anyone knows, please tell me!

Aromatic…. fragrant…. the type of flavor you never forget. 

This is one of the dishes I never forgot from my childhood.  Now that I live in the  US, I want my kids to try also the tasty flavors I grew up with. And this recipe was a success. My whole family loved it.

Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew

The difference between the traditional cilantro stew and my recipe: more veggies, bone broth, and no chili.  Trust me, if you like cilantro you are going to LOVE this Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew recipe.

I wanted to make this dish but incorporate my favorite healthy ingredients. I am recently obsessed with bone broth and how it really brings out more flavor to my stews.  Mixed with cilantro, it created such a wonderful broth and became the base for my Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew.

This is the perfect comfort food for my family. You can serve it with brown rice, quinoa, or just your favorite side dish. If you want to thicken the sauce a little bit, just add a little organic cornstarch or tapioca pearls.  I hope you enjoy this delicious Peruvian dish.

Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew

Flavorful Peruvian Inspired Cilantro Beef Stew
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A delicious homemade dish full of flavor and healthy ingredients. Perfect for the entire family to enjoy.
Recipe type: dinner
Cuisine: peruvian
Serves: 4-5
  • 1½ pounds organic beef stew meat
  • 1 fresh cilantro bunch chopped
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • 1½ cups of bone broth (you can use regular broth or water also)
  • 4 small potatoes cut in squares
  • 3 carrots cut in slices
  • 1 cup sweet peas
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste
  1. In a large pan in medium-high heat, place a little olive oil and then the onion. Cook for a couple of minutes then add the meat and cook both sides for a couple of mins each. You can add some salt and pepper to taste.
  2. In a blender, place the cilantro with the bone broth and blend well.
  3. You can now lower the heat to low-medium and add the vegetables and the cilantro broth from the blender. Cook for about 1 hour until the meat and veggies are tender. Add a little more salt if needed.
  4. You can also make this dish in a slow cooker. In low for about 4-5 hours.
  5. Serve with rice, quinoa, or your favorite side dish.

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