Fruit flower centerpieces are creative and healthy ideas for any party.  I made these edible centerpieces for a baby shower and they were a huge hit! Choose different fruits to match your theme colors. The best part:  your guests can actually eat the centerpieces!

Great for any occasion. Created from colorful fresh fruits, these fruit flower centerpieces are fun to pick and eat.

Fruit Flower Centerpieces

I got beautiful 7 1/2 inch baskets and a few accessories to make my fruit flower centerpieces at a dollar store.  I had some cutters at home but you can get Cutters online too.  With a few inexpensive tools I was able to make delicious “edible” centerpieces. You also need Styrofoam Balls Craft Supplies, 4-Inch, Paper Shred and 8-Inch Bamboo Skewers.

Fruit Flower Centerpieces Tools

Ok so now we are ready to start.  First you need to wash and cut your fruit. Make sure your fruit slices are at least 1/2 inch thick. For these fruit flower centerpieces I used: pineapple, melon, blueberries, and grapes. The grapes are the easiest ones because you don’t need to cut them.Take a bamboo skewer and stick it through about 6-7 grapes. When you stick one grape on, slide it down to make room for the next one.  Repeat until your last grape.

Fruit Flower Centerpieces-3

After you are done with your grapes, take out your cutters and start cutting the melon.  I made star and flower shapes for my fruit flower centerpieces.  Make sure you think about how many you need depending on how many centerpieces you are going to make. Then cut the pineapple in squares and make pineapple and melon flower kabobs. For more fruit kabob ideas please see Fun Fruit Pops Ideas.

fruit flower centerpieces-4

Once you have all your fruit kabobs ready, start assembling the centerpieces.  Place 2 circle styrofoam balls inside the Baskets first and then the decorative shred to cover it.  Start inserting the kabobs one by one making sure they are well placed inside the foam.

You will end up with some fruit left from all the cutting and shaping so just store it in a container and have a healthy fruit salad the next day.

You are done! Fruit flower centerpieces are always a hit. Your guests will start eating them in no time.  Kids get also really excited about them.  It is the perfect no waste decoration for any party.

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