Great idea for a snack or party! Ham & Cheese Dragon Roll-Ups are so much fun! You can use different vegetables and have fun with kids assembling the dragons.  Getting kids involved in the process will make it a fun family activity too!

Ham & Cheese Dragon Roll-Ups


Turkey, ham or other deli meat

Sliced cheese of your choice

Cucumbers, cut in long “finger shapes”

Sliced bell peppers, cut in 2-inch narrow strips

Cream cheese


Hummus (optional, you can use it instead of cream cheese)


Take two slices of deli meat and layer on top of each other (we found ham to be the sturdiest for the outside). Layer cheese on top. Roll up as though you’re rolling up a wrap. Secure with a dollop of cream cheese.

Take two pieces of cucumbers and one red pepper, dip in cream cheese (or hummus) and stick them out of one end of the roll-up.

The pepper goes in between the cucumbers. This will give the illusion of two fangs and a tongue. Place two small dabs of cream cheese on the top of the roll up and stick a raisin in each cream cheese circle to make eyes.

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