Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls are great snacks for kids and adults. I cannot think of an easier way to make a healthy snack at home. It only takes a few minutes and you can use your favorite nut butter and toppings.

Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls

The entire family can be involved in the process, making it a fun activity. I guarantee you that everyone will love making these Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls. Creative and healthy fun food is always great!

You only need three ingredients for your Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls. Try different flavors and combinations. Have lots of fun eating fruit sushi! You can eat your Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls for dessert, snack, breakfast, or even at a party. Impress your guests with a healthy, creative, and super easy to make recipe.

I love Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls also with almond butter and granola for breakfast. They are the perfect way to start your day with the right kind of foods. If you are looking for more breakfast recipes please see 5 Worst Breakfast Foods For Kids Plus DIY Healthier Options. Great homemade alternatives to processed foods.

Healthy Banana Sushi Rolls

Healthy Banana Sushi



Peanut butter or any nut butter

Crispy rice cereal (try other toppings like shredded coconut or mini chocolate chips)


Spread a banana with peanut butter (or your favorite nut butter), and slice into bite size pieces. Then roll in the rice cereal or the topping you prefer.

Serve right away and enjoy a delicious and healthy treat.

Do you have any other sushi dessert ideas? If you do, please share them with me. I am always looking for creative and healthy recipes. Please, just leave a comment below and I will be glad to share your ideas on my page.

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