Say hello to my new favorite recipe: Healthy Sweet And Salty Roasted Chickpeas Snack.

Healthy Sweet And Salty Roasted Chickpeas Snack

I found the perfect afternoon snack. These little sweet and salty chickpeas are simply delicious and packed with protein and fiber. Watch out because they are addictive!

Only 5 simple ingredients!

If you read my blog, you will notice I like to avoid cans and boxes as much as possible. I believe in cooking using fresh ingredients so I steamed my chickpeas for this recipe (1 hour approximately until tender).

It is really up to you and how much time you have to make your sweet and salty roasted chickpeas. You can also find cooked chickpeas  (also called garbanzo beans) at the supermarket in cans or pouches. I like organic chickpeas because the cans are recyclable with non-BPA lining. Just remember that fresh is always better.

I also use maple syrup in many of my recipes because it is a natural way to sweeten food and tastes so good. Make sure you buy a good quality, pure maple syrup.

I love simple recipes made with fresh and quality ingredients. If you are interested in other healthy snacks, please see The Best Homemade Zucchini Parmesan Chips if you are craving something salty.

Healthy Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas Snack

Healthy Sweet And Salty Roasted Chickpeas Snack
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Great snack idea that uses only 5 ingredients.
Recipe type: snack
Serves: 6
  • 1½ cups freshly steamed chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoons maple syrup
  • pinch of salt
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the chickpeas with the olive oil, cinnamon and pinch of salt.
  3. Place chickpeas on a baking sheet on top of parchment paper.
  4. Bake for 30 minutes.
  5. Transfer chickpeas to a serving bowl and add the maple syrup. If you like them sweeter add a little more. Mix well.
  6. Enjoy them hot or at room temperature. They taste better right out of the oven but you can keep them in a closed container for a few days.


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If you liked this idea, please check out my other recipes for easy to make, healthy, and homemade family meals. I am not a chef or have many years of experience cooking. So most of my recipes are very easy to prepare. I believe in cooking with fresh ingredients and try to avoid cans and boxes as much as possible.


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