Make your own Homemade Real Non-GMO Vitamin C Gummies, and stay away from artificial ingredients.

homemade real non-gmo vitamin c gummies

Vitamin C is necessary to support a strong immune system and maintain good cardiovascular health. It promotes eye health and helps prevent colds.  Vitamin C  is also a great  flu-fighter.  These Homemade Real Non-GMO Vitamin C Gummies are made from fruits that contain lots of naturally-occurring vitamin C.

Did you know that most supplements are made synthetically from GMO corn? Think about vitamin C for example.  How do they make it? They use corn syrup to synthesize ascorbic acid. If you have a multivitamin at home check it out. Look at the labels. Most vitamins are not made from real food sources. Pretty disappointing isn’t it? They also contain lots of preservatives, added sugars, and in many cases artificial sweeteners.

I like to research everything. My husband thinks I am a little paranoid, but I can’t help it. There is always something new to learn and improve when it comes to our diets. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about vitamins. Even if you eat healthy, supplementation is essential in a world where industrial agriculture have depleted soils. Studies reveal that the nutritional values in food have declined significantly over the past 70 years.

The only multivitamins I have found in the market that are non-gmo and made from whole foods are Garden of Life Vitamins. This brand is a great alternative if you cannot make your own. They are also available for women and men. The problem with the kids multivitamins? they come in chewable teddy bears and not gummies. They are pretty expensive too. My 4 year old is not really excited about them but if you offer him gummies, oh then it is a different story. Kids love gummies! Please see Homemade Healthy Gummies for more ideas on how to make your own natural vitamins.

homemade real non-gmo vitamin c gummies

A good gelatin is really important, this is why I recommend Perfect Supplements Bovine Gelatin . 100% beef gelatin (Collagen Protein) sourced EXCLUSIVELY from pasture raised (Grass Fed) cows. The collagen in this type of gelatin, along with the many amino acids help regulate our metabolisms, have anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens hair and nails, and regulates hormones. Amazon also has a pretty good grass-fed gelatin available.

I made these delicious gummies juicing organic clementines and oranges.  I used my cold press  juicer. Because they don’t produce as much heat, cold press juicers keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. You can just juice one fruit or a combination, it is up to you.  A clementine has about  36.1 mg of vitamin c and an orange 51.1 mg. I also added raw honey .

The molds I used for this recipe are the Freshware Super Star Gummy Mold and Freshware Toy, Car, Block and Bear Gummy Mold. Aren’t they adorable? They are made of good quality silicone and are so easy to use and clean. You don’t even need to oil the molds, the gummies will come right out! You will need a total of 3 molds for this recipe. You can also use vanilla extract but it is totally optional.

If you would like to add more vitamin C to these Homemade Real Non-GMO Vitamin C Gummies, like for example if you are fighting a cold, or if you were buying a supplement but would like to make your own, I recommend adding Organic Vitamin C Powder. Each tablespoon has 500mg of vitamin C and it comes from organic whole fruits.  I will let you do the math and determine how much you would like. Most multivitamins that need to be taken daily contain 60mg of vitamin C. The recipe will make about 45 gummies using my molds.

Homemade Real Non-GMO Vitamin C Gummies

Homemade Real Non-GMO Vitamin C Gummies
Prep time
Total time
These Homemade Real Non-GMO Vitamin C Gummies are made from fruits that contain lots of naturally-occurring vitamin C.
Serves: 45
  • 1½ cups juiced oranges and clementines. (You can just use one fruit or both, a cup is usually 4-5 medium oranges)
  • 4 tablespoons plain gelatin
  • 2-4 tablespoons raw honey (use 4 if you like them extra sweet)
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract *optional
  • 1 tablespoon Vitamin C powder *optional if you want extra vitamin c
  1. Pour juice into a small saucepan. Sprinkle the gelatin over the top and let sit for a couple of minutes. Let the gelatin "bloom" (it will get wrinkly looking on the surface ). When all the gelatin is absorbed, whisk to combine.
  2. Place the saucepan over medium heat on the stove. Let the liquid warm, but not boil. Let all the gelatin dissolve. It takes about 3-5 minutes to make the liquid really smooth and thin.
  3. Add the honey and if using, the vanilla extract and vitamin c powder. Mix well.
  4. Pour into your molds or loaf pan and refrigerate for about 2-3 hours.
  5. Remove from molds. If you used the loaf pan, cut your gelatin into small squares.
  6. Store in the refrigerator- they will last 2-3 weeks.



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    How big is a US tablespoon?

  2. Yolandi Jacobs says:


    I am based in New Zealand, and super excited to try your gummies!

    You mention that you research everything … thought I d ask your opinion. I m battling to find a non gmo vitamin C. Sales person at the health shop tried to convince me that although “non gmo” is not on the label that it still is non gmo. I don’t know if I have just lost the plot completely but I can not accept that as the truth. She said all vitamins are non gmo …. What do you think?

    Secondly, have you heard of DoTerra Essential oils? Wondering what you thought of it, if you have.

    Thanks in advance

    • Thank you for your message Hiya. Most vitamins are unfortunately made with gmos. You can look in my post where I recommend a natural vitamin C available at Amazon. Yes, I’ve heard about DoTerra essential oils and they are awesome! I love them! Hope this helps.


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