It’s inevitable. Little ones get congested and it happens very often. Get Rid Of Stuffy Noses And Coughs in a natural way.

Steam Baths To Get Rid Of Stuffy Noses And Coughs

Little stuffy noses and coughs are frustrating and very annoying. Here’s a wonderful trick I learned to alleviate congestion and help my kids breath better when they have a cold. Steam Baths To Get Rid Of Stuffy Noses And Coughs. For more natural remedies please check out my 7 Natural Remedies That Will Get You Through Cold And Flu Season post.

Is your little one congested? Give you child steam, steam and more steam. A steam bath is really one of the best ways to relieve stuffiness. The steam will thin the secretions, loosen the nose and chest congestion, and help your child cough it up or blow it out.  Taking a steam bath before bed and in the morning will help relieve congestion and make your kids feel way better. Steam Baths To Get Rid Of Stuffy Noses And Coughs is perfect for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults.


When my kids are congested I also love my saline drops and Nose Frida (can’t live without it). Just squirt the saline solution into the nose and use the aspirator to remove the loosened mucus.  The best part is you can do this as often as you need.

A humidifier (this is the one I use at home) also helps tremendously. I put a few drops of Sniffle Stopper essential oil inside the humidifier and my kids are able to sleep better without coughing at all!  You can also use lavender, lemon or eucalyptus (not recommended for small children) in the humidifier and let it run in your child’s room throughout the night.  You can also add the essential oils to a small diffuser. A few minutes after I turn it on and my kids stop coughing. It is really amazing!

Steam Baths To Get Rid Of Stuffy Noses And Coughs

What you need

A shower with hot water and a few drops of essential oils (optional). For small children I like to use lavender and lemon essential oils. Just add a couple of drops to a small bowl of hot water in the bathroom.


Turn on your shower and go full hot. Make sure you close the door. Sit in there with your child for about 10 minutes.

While you sit in the bathroom  breathing the steam, clap on your child’s chest and back. Do it firmly and with an open hand. It helps shake the mucus loose and your child can be able to cough it up better.

This simple procedure really helps relieve stuffiness. Try it next time your little one has a cold and see for yourself. You can do this after a nice Detox Bath and your kids will feel much better.

I love sharing natural remedies because I really believe in them. I hope my Steam Baths To Get Rid Of Stuffy Noses And Coughs post helps other moms treat symptoms in a natural way.

Remember this information should not replace professional advice by a qualified medical or herbal practitioner.

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