One family, two kids, and one wish for Spring Break: SNOW!  Last week, my family and I visited beautiful Vermont.  We escaped to the mountains for some fresh air and outdoor activities.  We stayed at Stowe Mountain Lodge for a few days and it was just perfect. What an incredible time we had on this really special family trip. We came back so happy and refreshed.

Stowe Mountain Lodge is a luxurious 312-room lodge with a beautiful New England traditional architectural design.  Our room was nice and comfy with a fireplace, and a mini kitchen equipped with everything you can think of, even a dishwasher! We had a king size bed and a convertible couch by the fireplace.  Our room was spacious, traditional, modern, cozy, and had a gorgeous view of the mountains.   What else can you ask for?

The resort is really amazing and the staff will make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. This was what pleasantly impacted me the most: their great hospitality. If you are looking to ski or snowboard, you have come to right place. If you want lots of outdoor activities and kid friendly accommodations you have also arrived at the right resort.  Outdoor heated pool in the winter? Just look at my boys having fun in the 90 degree heated pool.  Baby and I are watching from our room.


We live in Miami Beach  and were “super duper” (my son’s own words) ready for cold weather adventures. We flew from Miami to New York and stayed in the city for a couple of days. Then we rented an SUV and started our road trip adventure to the beautiful mountains.


This trip was absolutely, without a doubt, hands down a major highlight of 2016! Stowe Mountain Lodge is right by the mountains with plenty, and I mean plenty of activities for kids and adults. If you like nature and outdoor activities then you will fall in love with this place.


We were lucky enough to get lots of snow but great weather. Mid 40s during the day and high 30s at night. We did some mild nature exploring, just because we had a 10 month old with us.  There are nature hikes scheduled everyday for you to feel totally refreshed. In my opinion, morning mountain hikes are detoxifying and energizing. Here we are going up the mountain, stroller included!



My five year old son was so excited to ski for the first time.  We signed him up for a beginners class for kids his age and by the end of the session he was already skiing.  Seeing him so happy and excited was just… wow! So precious to me. Experiences…that’s what life is about…..great experiences.


Solstice restaurant at the lodge was outstanding and the kid’s menu was exceptional.  I am not a big fan of kid’s menus and never order from them because they usually offer poor choices like chicken nuggets or mac and cheese.  Solstice was completely different.  My son had salmon, grilled veggies, and fresh fruit.  I found out that chef is also a concerned mother who thinks kids deserve real food. Isn’t it awesome? Health conscious mommy moment here……


There are several other options for dining at Stowe Mountain Lodge offering fresh and quality ingredients.  If you get a chance to have dinner at Solstice you must try their Angus Braised Short Ribs with Washington County Cabot Grits, and a Truffle Croquette.  Amazing!

We fell  in love with Vermont. An overwhelming number of breathtaking views, great food, nice people, amazing food, postcard-perfect villages, and truly fantastic awesome food!

As a health food blogger, I was amazed at the great variety of fresh food you can find.  If you eat at local restaurants, chefs are proud to cook their food using local and fresh ingredients.  Cabot cheese, maple syrup and local wines…..I was in heaven!

There was definitely no shortage of fabulous activities, and just enjoying each others’ company.  We had time to relax and enjoy the resort just because the staff was so awesome and accommodating.  Thank you Stowe Mountain Lodge: An Unforgettable Family Vacation.  Our wish for snow really came true!


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