Finally, a great way to keep our kids cyber-safe. Learn more about Kiddle, The New Totally Safe Search Engine Designed For Kids.

The New Totally Safe Search Engine Designed For Kids

This new search engine promises to keep kids safe in their internet searching. No more unwanted adult videos clicked by mistake, or any other improper images you do not want your kid to see.

This is a new fantastic safe way for your kids to search, learn, and explore the internet.

Kids can use The New Totally Safe Search Engine Designed For Kids to do their homework, or simply browse the web to find their own interests. Kiddle does an amazing job at filtering adults content and keeping the searches kid-friendly.

The New Totally Safe Search Engine Designed For Kids

What is Kiddle?
Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids powered by Google, offering safe kids web, image, and video search. It looks similar to the google search page, but it is specially designed for safe internet searching for kids.

How does it work?
Kiddle offers search results that are handpicked by their own editors. This is done to ensure the sites and pages are safe and written specifically for kids. Typically, the first three results are handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.

The next 3-4 results from a search show safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand.

After that, the following results show safe, famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand. Those results are filtered by Google safe search.

Safe Search Results

I decided to test Kiddle and typed the word “butt”. You know how kids sometimes play around and can think it is funny to look up words they think are “silly”. You definitely don’t want your kid to search for that word on google. The results will be completely inappropriate!

This is what happened when I typed the word “butt” using Kiddle. No adult content in the results appeared. I think they do a great job at filtering results for kids.

Then, I typed the same word “butt” in google. And I obviously couldn’t share the image of the results here! You can try it and see the difference in both search engines. Try other words you think your kids might search for.

If you also type a bad word on Kiddle, an angry robot will show up and tell you to try again.  You know how kids think it is funny when they learn a bad word,  but if they want to search for it, Kiddle will block it.

The “f” word.  Try that word on google, or yahoo, or any other search engine. The results will be completely inappropriate for your kids.  Your kids could be just playing around with the computer without you noticing, and see things you definitely don’t want them to see.

Kiddle will only show kid appropriate results making it a great tool for school homework, and other age appropriate activities.

Learning more about a famous singer or actor is also completely safe when you use Kiddle. If your kid likes Justine Timberlake for example, the results will only show kid appropriate results. No adult drama, scandals, or inappropriate images will be shown.

As much as I try to get my kids to play outdoors and stay away from electronics, technology is part of their lives. It is simply inevitable in the modern digital world we live in today. All I can do is limit their use and keep them safe. This is why I think Kiddle is a great tool for parents.

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