A bedtime routine with a toddler is really a nightmare for most moms. Find The CRAZY Effective Toddler Sleep Hack That Will Blow Your Mind!

Toddler Sleep Hack

My daughter is 2.5 years old, and like most toddlers, fights going to bed early. I know how important it is for kids to have an early bedtime routine, so I look for every possible toddler sleep hack on the Internet to get her to sleep faster. Moms do a lot of research, especially when dealing with extremely active and unpredictable toddlers.

The CRAZY Effective Toddler Sleep Hack That Will Blow Your Mind

Well, I found a new little toddler sleep hack that will blow your mind. It is natural, it is healthy, and toddlers love it……Are you ready for it?……It’s a fruit…..It’s a BANANA!

Seriously, give this GENIUS trick a try! I tested it the other day and my daughter fell asleep faster. I could not believe it! I thought to myself, what do I have to loose? It’s just a fruit so why not try it? And it totally worked!

And before you think I’m crazy, bananas are in fact very effective when it comes to making you feel sleepy. This little magic fruit is a natural sleep remedy (SOURCE).

One banana contains:

Magnesium 34 mg – Promotes sleep and relaxation
Potassium 450 mg – Natural muscle relaxer
Melatonin – Helps regulate sleep
Seratonin – Helps regulate anxiety

Just give your toddler a banana at dinner time and you are done. It is that easy! Real food is simply amazing. We can find many natural properties in many fruits and vegetables. Now you know what a banana can help you with.

Give it a try and see for yourself. A banana will help your toddler fall asleep in a natural way. It will also help your toddler have a more restful sleep throughout the entire night. Let me know if you try this trick and if it works for you too.

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