Tomato Ladybugs Fun Appetizer made with cherry tomatoes, salmon, cream cheese and olives.

Tomato Ladybugs Fun Appetizer

I just love this creative appetizer idea. You can serve your Tomato Ladybugs on top of crunchy baguette or big crackers. This platter looks so beautiful served at a party table.  It is such an easy finger food that everyone would absolutely enjoy.

You can also choose your favorite spread or cream cheese. This appetizer goes really well with smoked salmon but you can substitute for prosciutto or any other deli meat you like. Yum!

If you are thinking of throwing a ladybug’s theme party, please check out my other recipe: Strawberry Ladybugs and serve your guests super fun food ideas.

Tomato Ladybugs Fun Appetizer


Smoked salmon
Cream cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Black olives


1. Cut the baguette in thin slices. Spread with cream cheese. Place a thin slice of smoked salmon on top of each slice. You can also use your favorite crackers.

2. To make the lady bugs: cut the cherry tomatoes in half lenghtwise. Use a black olive for the head, and tiny pieces of chopped olive for the spots.

3. Decorate with some parsley. *Optional

4. Serve and enjoy.

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