Remember You Can Demand Respect But Trust Has To Be Earned. Learn the difference and how to earn that wonderful title.

You Can Demand Respect But Trust Has To Be Earned

Trust is the feeling of safety that someone has of another individual.  You give your trust to someone only when you think that person deserves it. When you are absolutely sure this person is not going to let you down, and also help you when you need it.

Trust is something you earn little by little by your actions. It takes time for someone to trust you. The similar the person is to you, the fastest you can give your trust. It is really a wonderful feeling to know that someone has complete trust in you.

On the other hand, respect is the consideration you have for someone that has some sort of ability, quality, title, or achievement. Respect is closely linked with an attitude of recognition towards what a person represents.

You Can Demand Respect But Trust Has To Be Earned

You can demand respect and you will be shown respect. But that is all you will get: a show. To get to treat others how you want to be treated. This does not mean you have the confidence to tell them your deepest secrets or ask them for important advice.

People can also show respect because they fear consequences. It happens very often. A child will obey because of the fear to be punished. But trust is different. You can only trust when you have full confidence on the person. Trust cannot be imposed or demanded. It has to be earned.

Respect and trust are two of the vital ingredients for any relationship. We are talking about two different values even though sometimes they come together so closely.  To feel admiration and at the same have your confidence placed on a person is a great feeling.

How Can I Get My Children To Trust Me?

First of all, your children need to feel safe. They need to feel loved and accepted just the way they are. Be always honest with your kids. Let them know you are a real person; not only an authority figure.

Share your time with them whenever you can. Get to know them a little bit better each day. Talk about their problems, their dreams, their fears. Do not react with anger when they tell you something you don’t like. Calmly explain the reason why you do not agree with them and offer alternatives. Let them know they can count on you no matter what.

Respect and trust are wonderful values you should cultivate.  Remember that you can demand respect in any kind of situation, but trust will only be achieved if you earn it.

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